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Exploring LA and other adventures: Sometimes NY, Sometimes LA, Always Home, Always Agata
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Welcome to Always Agata! It’s nice to meet you, and I hope you’ll enjoy exploring LA and other adventures with me!

My story begins in NY. I love NY. I was born there, and though I’ve traveled a lot, I’ve spent most of my life living there. The streets, the pace of life, the people, the never-ending possibilities – there’s really no other place like it. NY has been and always will be home.


But now LA is home too.


My LA story also begins in NY. I met a boy in NY in September 2012, and as life goes, the boy’s job eventually took him to LA. I had never been to nor dreamed of LA, and in full disclosure, I wasn’t sure I’d like it. After some lengthy deliberation, I decided to follow love and start a new adventure, so in April 2016, I packed up my tiny room in Tribeca and joined him in sunny Santa Monica.


I started this site because it lets me do and talk about the things I love – writing, taking photos, traveling and exploring – things I haven’t spent enough time doing for myself. I also know that moving across the country to a foreign place can be tough, especially without a local network, but doing these things will help LA feel more like home. And I’m sure I’m not alone in this NY to LA move.


Now that you know my story, I hope you’ll enjoy exploring LA and other life adventures through my eyes and be inspired to find ways to make any place home.